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Creative Work Shops 

Character Analysis

  • Character analysis offers an easy way to add rigor to any literature discussion. Character trait studies actively engage students and help them develop an understanding of characters’ motives.  inferences from facts.

Intuition & Imagination

The imagination and intuition gives artist an opportunity to explore the faculty or action of forming new ideas, images, & concepts of external objects not present to the senses while inheriting a greater knowing in the process.

 Art & Financial Literacy 

Financial literacy combines personal finance, financial concepts, and financial planning to help artist build wealth and establish long-term stability.  

Artist Unblock Me

Artist Unblock me provides the artist the opportunity to unblock all chakras while creating content from a place of clarity and tranquility.

Crystalized Art 

Crystalized Art is an opportunity for artist to release and re-balance ones emotions to transcend from carbon to crystal form when engaging the creative process.

Writers Re-set

Writers re-set is the opportunity to unpack all emotions that serve as a disservice to your creative contribution. As we emerge into a new found perspective regarding the creative process.

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